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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  June 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ >> donald trump and hillary clinton lay out their plans for job growth and a cleveland convention sneak peek but first the breaking news out of turkey. 10 people were killed in more than 20 injured by terrorist attacks today at istanbul's main airport. detail still coming out early at this point. turkish officials say the attack involved two suicide bombers. i know you are struck as i was the other day, the l.a. times ran and of an credible these and talked about 858 attacks around
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the world in the month of april. even with my bad math that is more than one a day. is this the new normal and if it is the new normal what does it mean for our politics broadly speaking and for this mark: itial campaign? have been in that airport and the security is underwhelming. this could eat domestic or international. this is i think based on the pace of attack, based on the instability, based on groups electionsinfluence and is that platform. this is going to be a persistent issue and both candidates are going to step up and have to talk about it. question,t the trade theton and trump can argue country like some more to handle these issues.
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two-years is the anniversary of when nicest clarity caliphate and -- when isis declared a caliphate. give us a sense of what you know. we do not know that much but give us a sense of what is happening on the ground. west: about two hours ago were notified about an explosion or [indiscernible] the airport. soon after it emerged that there were two explosions that to place at the airport. the initial details suggest that two suicide bodies were spotted by police. fire on peopleed
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around them. at least one of them did and then they blew themselves up. the details about how many suicide bombers were there and company place is still not clear. 50 from the ministry .s wired to a place can't you people and more than 60 got it. obviously a lot of traffic. it seems like this incident took place in the evening. it is past midnight your time. that timeof year, at of night, how busy is that airport? if you are all.
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it is a very busy year. and -- previous tests attacks and other turkish cities, there has been a huge drop in the number of foreign tourists. it declined by more than 30%. the biggest drop we have had according to data. it was not as busy as it always not this montht, but it is a busy time of the year and busy time of the day. there are videos of their unconfirmed but looks quite genuine of the explosion from security cameras, it looks pretty bad. john: let's come back to the conversation. while,been clear for a
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this presidential election has been shaping up to be a security focused election. you made right point. trump and clinton are confident that they are -- they have an idea about how to deal with these matters. playing a they are politically winning hand. each of them thinks they have the trump card so to speak on this issue. my mind forward. if these incidents are happening with this kind of frequency, we know in the polling, where do you think the public will be in this kind of incidents play out with regularity between now and november? was partlary clinton of some decisions including involving libya which clearly lead to more instability in the world based on old elites.
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same on the economy. trump is arguing for changeover experience. clinton on these issues will argue for experience. john: republicans on the house benghazi committee finally released their report and a few new details about the 2012 attack in libya that killed the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens and three of americans. faith interface document includes a strong rebuke of u.s. agencies that republicans say were more concerned with politics and the safety of american diplomats. the findings turned up no new bombshells about the then-secretary of state hillary clinton who democrats insist was andalong the primary target reason for this extended republican-led inquiry and yet
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during the unveiling of the report the chairman of the committee dodged all the questions he got about the presumptive democratic nominee. >> the resolution does not mention secretary clinton. speaker rayner nor speaker run me.yan has not asked you willad the report see their report mentions her name or more times in our report as. i do not think you will see any of that in the report. in the report? and you know what, you're going to write a story about your takeaways from the report. i stand on our work. how my fellow citizens inkling like committee members wreath airport, how you read the word, what story you do, you read the report you will not see any of those what's in their work. >> air our buffer stickers and
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t-shirts that say hillary clinton lied, people died. is that true? >> you do not see that t-shirt on me and you'd have not seen that bumper sticker on my vehicles and you have not heard a comment. >> everyone in the drama seems to be playing their part. denying he chairman had any partisan motivations. other members spent all day filleting clinton including for her handling of the initial and in trueecurity clinton classic style hillary clinton reacted at a campaign stop by calling it an old story, a partisan witchhunt, and a patent -- waste of tax care money. ms. clinton: i understand that after more than two years and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had to today reported found
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nothing, nothing to contradict the conclusions of the independent accountability board or the conclusions of the prior multiple earlier investigations carried out on a bipartisan basis on the congress. i will leave it to others to characterize this report but i think it is pretty clear it is time to move on. mark: the entire process from to theccarthy's comment report itself where there is a minority report that goes after her big-time even though the main report does not. republicans could not have played more into her hands and her campaign's hands on the thematics on how do you investigate clinton? it sohis report, is underwhelming, does it and aspiration of republicans to use benghazi to hurt hillary clinton's chances?
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john: that has been kaput for a while. when she stuffs the committee into a basket and sent them off on a river someplace. in any now finished meaningful way for any voter who has not decided. there are republicans who will always leave she was guilty of some conspiracy but this report makes it clear she was not. none of those people were ever in play. they are not in the middle of the electorate. i think it is done, dead, finished. not surprisingly given the number of investigations there were that this investigation as she showed were not on the money. mark: i hear from opponents who say benghazi, that is the silver bullet. the e-mail controversy is a bigger problem. i have been watching republicans investigate clinton since arkansas. this was the most inept, you can
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do a serious investigation, you can have the back of your mind partisan leaning and still fact seriousness, be confident that speaker boehner s were misplaced but he was an over his head by a million mild. john: you saw that at the committee hearing. that is why the hearings were so decisive. that was such a big moment for her and they were ill-prepared to my they were off the reservation, it was a horror show so this did not surprise me that this would be still a mess because that was such a big public moment. always was going to be a bigger public moment because they screwed it up. anti-domestic ending since the drivers ed episode of the brady bunch. doeswe come back what texas senator ted cruz have up his sleeve for the republican
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convention in july in cleveland? -- is thereing anything the campaign of donald trump can do about it? we will be right back. ♪
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mark: on a day when the commerce department announced the weakest gdp growth in a year the presidential race was framed by two broad and competing visions. candidates presented plans and their messages could not have been at more opposite ends. donald trump spoke at a aluminum
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factory where his speech entitled to clearing economic independence leaned on some familiar protectionist themes from trump's past. he called for the nation's withdraw from the transpacific partnership deal. renegotiateould nafta which he has been in frequent critic and labeled china a currency manipulator. he had other proposals all which he said would protect american workers. mr. trump: as bernie sanders said hillary clinton voted for every -- virtually every treatment that has cost the workers of this country millions, millions of jobs. the transpacific partnership is the greatest danger yet. ask hillary if she is willing to withdraw from the tpp her first day in office and unconditionally rule out its passage in any form.
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under a trump presidency the american worker will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them. america that we make these country and it will be american energy mind from american resources that powers this country. >> hillary clinton unveiled a proposal for creating american jobs suited to a new digital globally interconnected country. clinton: we do not go back, we go forward. we have to go forward with intelligence and a real sense of purpose. today i am releasing a comprehensive plan to keep
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america on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. we are to let young people who want to start something new defer your federal student loan payments for up to three years. we have to make sure every student in america in a matter what zip code that student lives in gets the chance to learn computer science before they graduate from high school. i intend to make sure that we do it we did with electricity and my grandparents generation. we connect every home and business in america to high-speed internet and we do it on a fast a timescale as possible. mark: in defending net-net trailed a clinton's plan calls for high-speed internet in every household i-20 20 and $10 billion in federal funding for computer science and stem education. it would reform immigration visa loanand offer student
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deferments for entrepreneurs and forgive student loans for people who start socially conscious businesses in this event is communities. thesic question, who has better question -- politics? mark: i do think there is a bipartisan consensus to get tougher on china and some way and the laying -- playing field needs to be level. we have never had a presidential candidate in the modern era when who was not a free trader. let's break for a woman -- were a moment and go to brussels where david cameron is speaking. can often beit long and frustrating and difficult but when i have attended these councils i have always remembered that this is an organization and this is a
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form that brought together countries that not that many years ago were in conflict and in spite of all the frustration toave had, we found a way resolve our differences dialogue and an argument. and so as i the european council probably for the last time i pay tribute to all of the presidents and prime ministers and of the one who works here who made meetings as successful as they have been. tonight was an important meeting. thes the first time european council has met vince the -- britain voted to leave the european union. this decision will be carried through in britain and it is understood it will be carried through here in the european union. the tone of the meeting was one of sadness and regret.
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our partners in the european union are genuinely set that we are planning to leave this organization. that was very much the tone of the discussions that -- at the dinner tonight. they were very constructive discussions. they were very positive area they were very calm. they were very understanding. and britain should seek europe should seek the closest possible relations as britain leaves the eu, close relations of for trade, over cooperation, over security. while britain is leading the eu it will not, it should not in my view it will not turn its back on europe. in many ways it was that people at home would be little to hear some of the discussion we had at dinner tonight. the countries, our partners, our friends, our allies, talking about the values that we share, the history that we share in the things that britain has brought
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to europe. the estonian prime minister talked about the independence of his country when hundred years ago. the check prime minister talking about how britain has been a the check people .leeing those countries that feel such a debt to britain for standing by them when they were suffering under communism and for supporting them as they join the european union. the french president talking about the visit they will be making latest this week to the battlefields of the psalm -- somme. say, maltese prime minister talked about the extraordinary history between our countries. irish prime minister pointing out that between the 11th century and for centuries to
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follow england and ireland have been in conflict that recently that he said now our relationship has never been closer. so as i say a positive, constructive, calm, purposeful meaning about how we should now ofe forward this agenda britain leaving the eu but wanting to have i think rightly the closest's relationship that we can in future. that was a lot of reassurance that until britain leaves, britain is a full paying member of this organization and so is entitled to all benefits of membership and full participation until point at which we leave. i think there were some very important messages, message is that the economic problems and challenges that we face in britain are also problems and
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challenges that will be faced in the rest of europe. a very important message that while we seek the best possible partnership that we can after leaving the european union, it is impossible to have all the benefits of membership without some of the cost of membership. that is something the next british government will have to think through very carefully. and also while i think what you might have read and seen about a clamor for britain to trigger article 50 without delay, that was not the mood of the meeting. a clear not what majority of my colleagues and partners said but of course, everybody wants to see a clear model appear in terms of what britain thinks is right for its future relationship with europe. that is work that i can start as prime minister today with the new unit that we are setting up in whitehall.
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we can examine all the different options and possibilities in a neutral way and look at the cost of the benefits that it will be for the next it is determine the next british cabinet to determine exactly the right approach to take and the right outcome to negotiate. that decision to trigger article 50 will be for the next british prime minister and the next cabinet i would suspect after they have made that decision about the outcome they want to pursue. as i said earlier today, -- >> that is david cameron addressing the council. we will have the latest on turkey and the terrorist action. the presidential race and more right after this.
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>> welcome back. the death counts have risen to 20. officials believe there were three suicide bomber's. we will be following this story and more when we come back in a little bit. ♪ get ready for the rio olympic games
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we are down the dueling economic speeches we heard from the two presumptive nominees. i want to start with trade. the identities, the notion of a major nominee running as a protectionist trade is that better or worse when you are trying to win electoral votes? check: this feels like a throwback to the politics of the 1970's and 1980's that did not work accident. the democrats were the party of protectionism, think back to walter mondale. the reason the democratic party turned to bill clinton, they were looking for a free trading, pro-business democrat because they thought they could not win. we are in a new time of how americans view trade deals.
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what is going on with the way americans feel about the way the economy and way globalization works for them or have -- has not worked for them. even more stunning to me to see the republican nominee be so anti-free-trade and to have groups like the u.s. chamber of commerce, national association manufacturers, republican leaning organizations having to trash their pelican nominee. >> what struck you about trump speech? i was struck by how he lifted the brexit leads -- leaves campaign. what else struck you? : this is one issue he has never wavered on. he has more credibility rhetorically on this issue. he owns this in a way he does
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not own other issues because if you go back first time this ande jumped into politics to criticize and administration was in the 1980's and it was over japan, bad deals, bad trade deals for america. i feel like of all issues that he has taken a position on this is the one where he is most consistent and to can tell that this one, there is some genuineness find it if you have all jim over the decades. feltllary clinton pressured by bernie sanders to be more skeptical of free trade. do you think that she will draw a line on this against trump or will she tried to go with what winning in presidential politics which is more of that free trader? >> when in doubt when she is conflicted about where the public is or when any clinton is very much ahere is cautiousness there.
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i do not know how she critically comes across as an anti-trade nominee at this point. i think the brand name of clinton does not stand for that. the brand name of obama does not stand for that. bernie sanders would agree. brexit think that is a real challenge for her. she does not want this fall campaign to be about trade deals, let me put it that way. saide gave a speech that this will be the past versus the future. donald trump wants to take us to to the i will take us future. that is what bill clinton did in 1996 when he tried to build that bridge to the wafer century. is this the a way she gets out of this by trying to pitch herself as an avatar of the future? make trump ao throwback and not capable of this. whatgets at the heart of
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is the big idea of a president clinton? what is she going to do, what is she going to tackle? she does not have a big economic idea that supporters can wrap their arms around that feel as if for better or for worse, trump is saying i'm going to throw away every trade deal that has ever happened to it is not want to say trade were -- trade war per se. we have to shake things up. what is she going to have in idea on the economy, a big that she will tackle in your first 100 days and right now it is a lot of incremental policy proposals she is putting out there. it is not feel like she has that big thing that these frustrated middle class, working-class voters can wrap their arms around. she has to come up with something by the fall. holeat takes us to the
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where she is leading but she is behind him on a number of traits including better on the economy. her lack of definition is part of that. but do you think on balance voters are familiar with trump's prescriptions and favor those, do they like the fact that he is a is this man? >> and think he has the businessman halo effect. i have heard this for many a consultant of the years. it takes a long time, it takes a lot of work to cheap way at a voter perception that somebody who has been successful in business is not the one that is best prepared to manage the economy and it takes a long time to chip away at that grade even though trump himself has just , it at his persona sometimes think that is part of it but the other part of it is the polls show she still has trust issues. what is amazing about our poll is this is among the worst old hillary clinton has ever had except because it is in comparison to trump. in the second good hole for her. theou take out
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head-to-head, there is not a good number and here for her. i am trying to find it. there's not one. >> i -- it seemed to me for a long time like benghazi when she testified, it has been a dead issue except for hard core republican conservative partisans as a today. can we say that was in this report that for the way this is no longer a problem or are they still some landmines with movable voters. around faroutrage right conspirators. >> the idea that there was somehow purposeful actions made or not made around the field rescue attempt of ambassador stevens or things like that. that door is shut. what is not shut for his
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mismanagement of the middle east. was benghaziwhy and safe? that is where there is still full nobility. whether trump is capable of taking advantage of that i do not know. republicans did not help themselves were they put out to report. he puts out a report and then that was not partisan enough, we will put out a separate report that trashes clinton but we will separate it out. it only presents a republican party that just was not satisfied with its own conclusion. that because- is he was not up to doing this from the politics of it? i thought he was more than capable of handling this. what i am trying to figure out is why did this offshoot, why was allowed to happen, why was it done, perhaps jim jordan is
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something that a lot of is nervous about. he straddles the fence between establishment and the freedom caucus and those folks. i do not know what it was paid it strikes me it undermined their on report. when they are not speaking with one voice than you might as well not be selling anything at all. inwe had this incident turkey in istanbul. we do not know that much but do you have any sense of the politics of that at this early stage? chuck: i would not. there is no more important and challenging country for the president, for any president than turkey. the challenges that turkey faces, their own domestic terrorism issues plus isis for syria. is no wonder that this is not a weekly occurrence that we are in turkey wondered about a terrorist attack. terror almost every day from somewhere around the world. >> coming up, moore, right after
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this. ♪
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>> unveiling the set design for next month republican convention. joining us from our nation's capital to talk about how things will go down in that fine city. and peggy lee, the former executive director of the democratic governors association. , chairmanrt with you duncan. what do you think on the basis of your finely honed lyrical instincts and your understanding of the rules, what do think the likelihood is it -- that there would be something that could
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significantly disrupt the preferred flow of the republican convention on the part of the trump campaign? duncan: we do not think that will be disrupted. you will see all the sausage made then. you will have the credentials committee. we only have five contests compared to 21 in 2012. you will have the rules committee, you'll have the platform committee. most of those things we will get out of the way and the next will be when we call the role and nominate the president and vice president. has expected the meeting to be chaotic and the crack to be peaceful. >> we did have some of the very loyal hillary clinton supporters hold out till the very and till
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the vote was on the floor. it will be interesting going forward and you're starting to see what elizabeth warren and starting tossives unite and get behind hillary clinton so that will alleviate some of that tension but it is still bernie so we are waiting to see. >> do think that having a good convention is still vitally important or given that they are ack to back that we are in different age of social media it does not matter as it used to. >> i do not think it has an impact. people will be able to two men, they are starting to see what the choreography of it is and how mrs. clinton will relate, how she is prevented, what hurt -- presented, what her speech will be. this is also a race in which both candidates are very well-known so there is not a lot of second-guessing that is out there but it is still important, the choreography. there -- we need to
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make sure there is not a mistake. >> my number one goal for john mckale -- john mccain -- there are four times when people pay attention. when you consolidate, when you are at the convention and you're defining self that yourself, number three i the debates, and the fourth is your organization, getting out the vote during the voting season. >> are you going to the convention? >> absolutely. this is my 12th convention, 10th as a delegate. >> there are a lot of your fellow republicans who are players of the party who are not going to be in cleveland for one reason or another. how big a problem is it for donald trump that the governor of the home state of ohio will not be there, mitt romney will not be there, the bushes will not be there. >> i have advised candidates not
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go to the convention. it can be back in a district working or giving a speech. they need to be back in their .istricts working i do not see that as a problem. he will see it on thursday night when the nominee stands before the convention and gives his view and vision for america. i understand you said you have given the advice to stay in their districts, that is not the question i'm asking. hisasking if mr. trump, if a problem that the past for them are all of staying home. is that not an optics problem that the leadership is boycotting the convention? trump's think in instance because he is such a nontraditional candidate, he is business and candidate, in some instances it would be
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better for trump if the him.lishment boycotted he benefits from being the outsider. people want change in this election. you're seeing it in europe and around the world and you will see it in the united states. >> is there a degree to which you are watching the republican convention in your party and thinking trump is a showman, this could be a huge incredibly --ressive convention or your you are betting on the first candidate not pulling it together. x-unit want to against the muddy, you want to make sure your candidate is well prepared and doing what they need to do proactively but absolutely. we will be watching this convention. this has been a completely traditional campaign today. and whether it be being conducted in 141 characters on twitter, you will see the a dynamicatform or convention and one that can go either way. is he going to stake scripted, is he going to tear into his
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fellow republicans were not showing up, all these different kind of personalities which could take over. it is going to be fascinating, it is going to be interesting to watch. this is something that is in his control. it is a highly scripted event if he wanted to be. that is what everybody is going to be seeing whether or not the scripted donald trump and the -- or is this the off the cuff, uncontrollable donald trump that many americans find unsavory. x we planted to have an extended discussion but the breaking news has interfered with that but want to close by asking you, if you were the high command on the term side what are your biggest worries about minimizing the disruptions, the biggest unknowns. >> you have to make sure that people understand what the game is and what the goals are. i think paul has a long way, he has a good team in place and
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they will be on the floor helping the whip. the uncontrollable is the timing. you have to make sure you met -- hit the marks. i do not know if he wants it hour of pride -- prime time for you those of the kinds of things you think about if you're putting the program together now. >> how big a deal will this be for hillary clinton? she is very well known figure among most americans. her speech is going to matter so what does she have to do in that speech and how important is that? >> she needs to continue to not only reassure the american people that she has a vision for how the country should be led forward but she needs to be human and needs to show her own personality and expressively. -- express empathy. criticism is that there is a disconnect so she needs to show compassion and show empathy. needsou have -- she
5:49 pm
competency and a steadiness. when you have a republican candidate who has been as reckless as he has an careless with his words and quick to react i think her steadiness is going to be a strength in that convention. >> thank you both for coming on. we will talk more about the news out of turkey today. we will be right back. ♪
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>> during us to talk about the horrible terrorist attack. thank you for joining us. put in perspective the size of this and the significance of it being at that important
5:52 pm
international airport. guest: it is the height of the tourist season. millions of tourists come to turkey. many of them come to this at the and the fact that entrance of the terminal three attackers were involved. it is the worst thing imaginable when turkey has been suffering from the kind of problems it has had. >> give us a sense of the various, there is a lot of speculation about the political motivations. turkey and israel have just come back together after some estrangement. give us a sense of the potential causes or motivations might be for this particular attack. guest: turkey's location makes it vulnerable to the kind of terrorism that they have suffered through. ware is the ongoing civil
5:53 pm
in syria and fighting with isis in iraq. it is a bad neighborhood to be in. they are making up with israel and israel wants to reach out to russia to solve the -- do with the tensions with that country but nonetheless having to deal with the war against the pkk as it has been for the past 30 years plus the deal with the seepage of isis terrorism from south of the border in syria into turkey itself just makes the job of managing the country and managing foreign relations very difficult and chuck was right. this is a problem for whoever the next president is going to be in a do not think he was exaggerating. ask if this is an isis attack based on what you have seen so far and your understanding is this likely to two bring turkey together or domestic strife is people argue what to do about such things? may have a rally around the flag effect.
5:54 pm
there are over 3 million syrian refugees in the country. talk -- costing turkey aliens of dollars. of dollars. many of the people who are fighting in syria have found their way into europe to carry andterrorist attacks unfairly, turkey has been blamed for this. terrorism is isis going to go on as long as there is the syrian civil war. >> thank you very much. bloomberg will be covering the story all evening. mark and i will be right back. ♪
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>> as we go off the air we are tracking the details on the suicide attacks in turkey at the airport. the death toll is reported to be 28 people dead at the istanbul airport, 16 people injured. we will be covering all the latest on this terrible attack in turkey all evening long. coming up now on bloomberg west, emily chang talks investor and entrepreneur mark cuban. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow right here. sayonara. ♪
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market: you are watching bloomberg west. let's begin with a check of your first word news. the death toll stands at 28 halloween several suicide bombings at istanbul's there.
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other -- another 60 people were wounded. three suicide bombers carried out the attack. president obama tells national public radio donald trump wants to use the same tack asked that led to the uk's brexit vote. president obama: there is a xenophobia and anti-immigrant sentiment that is splashing up not just in great britain but throughout europe that has some parallels with what mr. trump has been trying to stir up here. mark: the president said mr. trump is the lifetime member of the lawbal elite." applies only to children born outside the united states to one parent who is an american and one who is not. launched acrats proposal to provide 1.1 billion dos


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